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A lot of the conflict and flat-out incivility in software collaboration (or the lack thereof) seems to result from the predominantly male tendency to lash out in the face of unskilled creativity (or a perception of such, and in code this is often an extremely biased perception): to beat the pretender to alpha status so badly that he stops pestering us with his incompetent displays. The problem with this behavior pattern is that, well, it’s not useful and it rarely makes people better at what they’re trying to do. It’s just being a prick. There are also a lot of anal-retentive wankbaskets out there who define good and bad programmers based on cosmetic traits so that their definition of “good code” is “code that looks like I wrote it”.

Pro Tip: Learn a scripting language.

Python. Bash. Windows PowerShell if you must.

Then, use it to automate mundane tasks that you must perform repeatedly. Ultimately, you should probably try to automate as many process as you can.

If you find yourself writing long, step-by-step instructions about how to properly perform the correct series of mouse clicks after sacrificing a chicken, you should ask yourself: “Can I automate this?” If the answer is yes, do it. If the answer is no, you may want to consider a different tool or system that you can automate.

The importance of trust is often underrated when evaluating workplace problems. If your boss doesn’t trust you, you probably won’t be very successful. Similarly, if you are the boss, and your team doesn’t trust you, lack of morale will eventually destroy your team. If team members don’t trust each other, the drama will kill morale.

If you don’t trust someone you work with and it’s negatively affecting your work or personal life, you need to address the topic directly. If you cannot resolve it, quit or fire the other person(s). Life is too short to try to succeed with people you don’t trust.

i am frequently overly verbose. it would behove me to practice being expressing myself more concisely. i will try to do so here.